Thursday, June 24, 2010

MMA Wives Hall of Fame

For the special ladies in Fighter's Lives, we would love to hear YOUR story!


  1. This is Jason, I am the Husband of Cage Candy's sponsored fighter Little Patricia. I am very proud of everything that CC stands for!! I have had the pleasure of meeting Tracy and all of her Family. Lets keep up all the GREAT work!! Together WE can make a difference!!!!

  2. Hi! My name is Sara Bryant, my husband Josh Bryant is a professional fighter and was on The Ultimate Fighter season 11. He got into MMA after we had been married 2 years, so I have been there from the beginning of his MMA career. After all the many questions of "how do you let him to do that?", "how do you watch him beat someone up like that?", etc, I decided to start a blog on here about how tough it is and how strong you have to be to be a fighters wife. Everyone sees the excitement and thrill of the fight but most people have no idea how much work goes into a fight. Going into it I had no idea how challenging yet rewarding MMA would be or how much it would change our lives. :)

  3. Also, I just want to say Thank You to CageCandy for offering a fightwear line just for women. Besides being a fighters wife, my husband and I also own a cage and rent it out to local fight promotions. After going to fights and watching UFC what seems like every weekend it's nice to finally find a line designed for female fight fans and fighters who still want to be feminine an show fighting some love :)