Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cage Candy's Corner

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  1. I LOVE MY CANDY!!!! Made for WOMEN by WOMEN!

  2. CageCandy to me represents Women and Power. It gives me the Motivation to Rock and Rule my world and Fight any Challenge that comes my way!!

  3. Ohhhh!!I forgot the best part.I ordered some shirts-and got a whole big beautiful package of gifts.Shirts,some booty shorts,Stickers, an Autograph pict. and pink/silver ribbons all inside.I was so excited i took picts and shared w/all my friends on myspace and fb..CageCandy rocks my house now and i framed the pict.and have it hanging in my office-For all to see.
    Thanks again T...U have my heart and soul -xoxo

  4. I'm so excited to be a part of this!! It's just what I needed.. What an amazing group of women and welcoming!! Cage Candy Rocks!!

  5. Hi Tracy,

    I the CC box came to the apartment last Friday but I was out of town on Fri and just got back yesterday and opened the package. Thank you so much, the tank and the packaging was super cute! I love the personal touches! Thanks for all the awesome goodies/autographs and I'll distribute your cards to my friends.

    I was so excited that I tried on the tank and fits perfectly.
    I'm going to debut my tank this weekend and will have a picture for you by Monday.


  6. Date: 07-26-10 from New CC customer/fan, Heather Turnman:

    I love your stuff and, idea. I went to the Strikeforce Christiane Cyborg and, Jan Finneyfight last month and, heard about you line from Jan on an interview. I am new to this sport and, am jump"n in full force! I love it ! I love the strength of all the women. It is definalty a small group of us. I would love to meet u and, the girls.............if I am ever in the area! I will be wearing your things, while I work out at the new UFC Gym. I am sure, my friends will love my T. I will send them your way....... Take Care, Thank you for the GREAT customer service. : ) Thanx, Heather

  7. Date: 07-25-10 from Lisa in PA wrote:

    Hey Tracy,

    I am so looking forward to it!
    Actually my husband is an avid listener to Goeze and GG, and we checked out your site. ;-)
    And I am always on the lookout for unique and fun shirts to sport!
    Will let you know when I get my shipment.

    P.S. Do you happen to have a mailing list?

  8. Wed, Jul 28, 2010 4:50 am
    Lisa Petronick from PA wrote:

    Hi Tracy,

    I received my package yesterday and can I just say…. I LOVE my “candy!” Thank you for the little extra sweets as well. My daughter now wants me to order her an x-small shirt so she can sport it too! (She’s 9! J) So I might just be placing another order soon. I’ll send a picture soon!

  9. Rocked and Ruled another day in my CAGE CANDY OUTFIT !!! LUV U ALL -xoxoxo

  10. JoAnn Adams from Facebook wrote: August 19 at 5:23pm

    I have to say I absolutely love your clothing line and cant wait to get the clothes and take some pics for you!

  11. Mitch Ciccarelli wrote:

    Pink hair is awesome! I wish more chicks rocked the pink hair. :D

    I run a piece over on B/R called "sweet tweets: mma personalities to follow on twitter", I am going to include you and the cage candy brand in the next installment which I am writing right now.

    I will probably post it either tonight or tomorrow :)

  12. Mitch Ciccarelli Thank you Tracy!

    I believe in what you and Cage Candy stands for and I think you've got a great brand. You're awesome!

  13. Cathlin Daley wrote on: August 17 at 6:57am

    The story will be written by Shelley Devine for Fighter Girls. I am the freelance photog for FG. When the article goes up we will be sure to post it for you! I will also be sure to tag you in photos I put up in the next few days! Thanks for the ad! Pleasure meeting you www style!

  14. Mitch Ciccarelli wrote:

    I just nominated Cage Candy for best lifestyle brand of the year. Now I want some candy!


  15. Koah Tadeo wrote: Hi Tracy let me know when I can buy all three size s thanks love you!
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  16. Sweet Tweets V.3:

    "More MMA Personalities to Follow on Twitter"
    Story by: Mitch Ciccareli on AUG 20, 2010

    Forget about blondes or brunettes or even red heads for that matter because they’ve got nothing on the females rocking the pink.

    Tracy Tate is the founder of Cage Candy Apparel, a brand devoted entirely to the ladies of MMA. The Cage Candy brand sponsors several female fighters, including Miesha Tate, Jan Finney and Stephanie Frausto.

    The mission behind the brand is to celebrate the fighting spirit of women and also to give them the opportunity to show their love for MMA.

    Tate has been a fighter all her life and has overcome some truly tough obstacles only to come out stronger in the end.

    She has been a single mother of three since the age of 25, she is now 43 (although she looks much younger) and all three of her children are successful college students.

    She’s undergone a total of nine arm surgeries in both of her arms over the years but always maintained a strong mindset to get through them.

    She never received a dime of child support and had to work 2-3 jobs at a time to support her kids. She’s fought hard and pushed herself past her limits time and time again to give her family her all.

    Everyone likes to talk about how tough us men are, but the truth is we’ve got nothing on women. That’s the honest truth. Women are so much tougher than they get credit for.


    Recent sweet tweet: “Use your God-given talents. YOU were created for a purpose. You have the necessary tools to accomplish your mission! Go get your DREAM!”

  17. Tisha Rodrigues interview with "Girls of MMA " on August 27,2010

    *(this is just the ending of the interview) You can read the whole interview on:

    TR – About time…it’s good to finally see women fighting when I turn on the tv, I believe there is plenty of great talent in the women coming up right now, we just need the chance. Either way, publicity or not, I will continue to fight and enjoy the sport.

    GIRLS OF MMA – Thanks for spending the time to talk to us and we wish you luck with your upcoming fights, as well as reaching your goals.

    GIRLS OF MMA – Any final words? Would you like to give any shout outs to any sponsors/coaches/fans?

    TR – Thanks for having me, my pleasure. I want to thank my Fight Team and School, The Boneyard in Taunton, ma. My husband Mark for his continued belief and support in me through this journey and my sponsors and supporters, Slade from Tussle Fight Gear, Tracy Tate from Cage Candy, Bon Caco of Fight Soap, Boston Brawler, Elisabeth Neusser of Fight Chix and Lead Creative group who designed my website and Jason Adams for supporting and promoting females in Mma through his site Promoting Women in Bodybuilding, Figure and MMA. Thank you to Girls of MMA for featuring me, it’s greatly appreciated!

  18. Subject:
    Heather Diaz
    Date: Fri, Aug 27, 2010 3:44 pm
    To: ""

    Hi Tracy,

    I’m Heather and I am one of the receptionists from TapouT. I never got the chance to meet you but I saw you when you were dropping off Charles birthday gifts. You left bracelets with Jessica, the other receptionist and I just wanted to say thank you. My mom was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer back in November of 09 and just recently started to not be able to handle the pain anymore. She was in the hospital for what seemed like forever. I took the bracelet to her and she loves it. Thank you very much for the gift. Hope you are doing well. Thanks again.

  19. Check out this twitter message: 10-28-10

    RT @pinkandpainmom did i tell u ? I'm gonna be U for Halloween! (I Love it! Rock the PINK Teri, Cage Candy Tracy)

    From Teri Chadwick-Edwards of MA

  20. FROM JoAnn Adams on Facebook: March 18, 2011

    Thank you Tracy and Cage Candy, it truly is an honor to be a part of such a wonderful campaign that empowers women! Cage Candy stands for courage and strength for women everywhere! It empowers women to "Fight your Fight" whether it be fighting an illness, fighting for courage, fighting for strength, fighting to get to a better life, fighting as a mom, or supporting a fighter. Wearing Cage Candy is a symbol of strength. So women lets stand up, support each other, empower each other and "Cage Candy Up Girls!"
    59 minutes ago ·